How-To assemble your 4 cup coffee maker:

Step 1

Assemble the tube rings first to the aluminum square posts. The top of the tube rings will have a slight chamfer in the attachment hole for recessing the screw. Each ring will screw into the top of each post using the supplied allen wrench. Be careful to not over tighten the screws and striping the aluminum threads.

Step 2

Take each of the assembled tube rings and posts and bolt it to the main coffee frame bridge. The bottom of the bridge will have the same chamfer holes for recessing the screws for the posts.

Step 3

Once the main bridge is assembled, bolt it to the left and right support sides. Each side will have two screws that screw in for attaching.

Step 4

Slide each of the glass tubes into the top tube rings. You can adjust the the rubber ring on the outside of the tube for positioning the glass. We recommend at least a 1.5 inch distance from the bottom of the tip to the top of the main brewing frame.