Single Cup Exotic Wood and Metal Coffee Pour Over – SALE

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Proper Coffee single pour over coffee brewer with 1/4 hole brew tip.


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Wenge wood blended with metal!

We’re proud to introduce the new Proper Coffee simple pour over brewer that produces an exceptional cup consistently. The tube design gives for a long complex extraction during the coffee brew process. This makes for a more robust and smooth brew, versus a normal pour over design or other brewing methods. The glass tube holds 12 oz. of fluid.

The drip contains everything to start brewing right away, except a coffee cup! Designed to fit all coffee and tea cup sizes.

The reusable stainless steel filter screens come in 2 different sizes to adjust filtering depending on the coarseness of the coffee grind. We also offer one time use paper filters that can be used in combination with the stainless filters for finer filtration.


  • Wenge wood frame
  • 7″ glass brewing tube
  • 1 – Aluminum brewing tip with a 1/4 hole size.
  • 2 stainless steel filter screens of different mesh size